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There are multiple options to easily get around the city. You can use Berlin’s trip planner to find the most convenient route from place to place and select your preferred method of transportation, including a combination of bus and bike. One caution: Berlin’s transportation network is so robust, you might be given several options for bus and U-bahn when a location is within walking distance.

Single-person, two-hour fare is 1.70 or 2.80 € for most trips, depending on distance. Take money for the bus (they do not give change), but purchase a ticket for travel on the trains. You can purchase a one-day ticket that covers bus and train routes in the city for 7.00 €. A seven-day pass costs 30 €. Passes can be purchased at the Wittenburg Platz (or any train) station. The automatic stations only accept debit cards, but there is also a customer service desk at the station for other payment methods. If you purchase a day pass, be sure to punch it in the validation machine just before you start to travel. More information on fares »

Travel Options

By foot (zu Fuß). Berlin is a very walkable city with few hills, wide boulevards, abundant sidewalks, and plenty of friendly people around for company.

With the bus (mit dem Bus). It is only a slight exaggeration to say that every street in Berlin is served by the comprehensive bus system. Many buses are double-decker and give fun view of the city.

With the underground (mit der U-Bahn). Three underground routes are available at Wittenburg Platz station, just one block from Urania center. It is helpful to have a system map, as it is helpful to know the end station of the direction you want to travel.

With the suburban train (mit der S-Bahn). If you are traveling to nearby cities, the S-Bahn system will get you there. S-Bahn routes can be accessed from the main train station or some of the larger city underground stations.

By bike (mit dem Fahrrad). Many companies offer public bike sharing/rental in the city. Many companies stock the bicycles at stations and some even use GPS and allow you to leave the bikes anywhere in the city, making this a very flexible option. Many require that you have an app downloaded first. Popular options include the orange bikes of Fahrrad Kaufhaus, Berlin and Bike available right outside Urania, and  Donkey Bike at the Wittenburg train station.